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Burnette’s Press Conference of 12/27/06

As of Friday, 12/22/06, ED Burnette was walking around telling all the lawyers in the office that up to 210 attorneys should start looking for other work due to his proposal to cut the office budget by 17 percent.  Other department heads told the County Board President that the 17 percent cuts were unrealistic and unreasonable. […]

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The Lastest on the County Budget and Layoff Talk

No layoffs will hit this Office without a strong fight from the Union. We will fight to protect the public, our client’s rights to quality representation in the criminal justice system, and the jobs of all public defenders. As we who work here know, layoffs of public defenders would cripple an already teetering justice system: […]

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Update on the County Budget Process and Layoff Discussions

No one knows at this point what the result of the layoff talk will be in our Office. As many of you know, Ed Burnette has told members in various site meetings that he tendered a 2007 budget to the County Board that includes possible layoffs. Here is what we know at this point: Burnette […]

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An Insanity Instruction is Required Even Without Expert Testimony on Insanity

The First District recently held that the trial court erred in not grant a defendant’s request for an insanity jury instruction. People v. Dwight, 2006 Ill.App.Lexis 1045 (1st Dist.). In Dwight, the defendant was charged with armed robbery. The victim testified that the defendant approached her while she was seated in her car, originally asked […]

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New Website Announcement

Welcome Brothers and Sisters to our new website. Your Union Executive Board is committed to communicating effectively with our hundreds of members spread all over Cook County. To that end, the Board made the reformation and operation of this new website a top priority. As you will see by navigating this site, the new website […]

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Cook County Public Defenders Win Guaranteed Collective Bargaining Rights

Big News! The Cook County Board passed an ordinance on Tuesday, October 17, which secures the rights of assistant Cook County public defenders to bargain collectively through our Union. For the first time since the birth of our Union, our bargaining rights are formally protected.This ordinance is a big victory, coming after many years of […]

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Public Defenders Out Earn Prosecutors

As reported by the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin on August 17, 2006, the median public defender makes about $13,000 more than the median prosecutor. As this article reported, almost two thirds of our Office now earn over $70,000, while only about a third of prosecutors earn over $70,000. There are likely several reasons for this […]

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Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

As you all probably know by now, Illinois for the first time will require mandatory legal education for all attorneys. What does this mean to you: you will need to attend 20 hours of CLE at seminars that are accredited for MCLE purposes. The Executive Board attempted to negotiate with the Public Defender to formulate […]

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