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Union Receives Notice of 15 Layoffs

The union received notice on 3/29/07 that 15 of its least senior members are being layed off. The layoffs are to be effective 4/29/07. Many had predicted the number of layoffs that would affect our members and the Local’s leadership chose not to enter into the realm of speculation because we never knew what the […]

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Latest on the Layoff Situation

We have received official notice from the County that the layoff notices that purported to be effective on March 19th are recinded. Therefore, anyone who received such notices in our Office can disregard those notices. If and when layoffs occur in the future, new notices will have to be provided to assistant public defenders. With […]

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Congratulations to Brother Stuart Katz who becomes an Associate Judge on April 11, 2007

From a pool of 250 candidates, Local member Stuart Katz of the MDD division was voted an Associate Judge by the sitting Full Circuit Judges after being named as one of 62 finalists by the Associate Judge Nominating Committee. Stuart will be sworn in on April 11 along with Darren Bowden, Chief of the Child […]

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No Official Notification of any Union Member Layoffs as of 3/26/07

Despite repeated inquiries by the Executive Board, management is at a loss to explain why no letters have issued to any members notifying them of a layoff – even though several members were verbally told so nearly two weeks ago.  All we can tell you is that only non-union employees have been let go so […]

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Management to Verbally Inform Members of Pending Layoff Notices

Today, March 8, 2007, the union learned that members of management are having informational meetings with the ten least senior members of our local and informing them that layoff notices are going out any day with their names on them.  The union is entitled to written notice of each layoff and has not received any […]

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Continued Budget Activity

Throughout this budget process, many numbers have been thrown into the public eye as the accurate reflection of the number of assistant public defenders that will actually be laid off. These numbers have come from Mr. Burnette, from the County, from newspapers, and from other sources like rumor. We all want to know the final […]

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