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MRSA/Superbug/Staph Infections– and You

Recent newspaper articles about an anti-biotic resistant strain of staph infection (MRSA) have caused much concern among the membership.  Some lawyers have reported seeing clients who have contracted the MRSA infection and are concerned about whether they are putting themselves at risk by visiting clients in jail and generally being around infected clients.  Local leadership is working […]

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New Revenue and Real Reform

In case you haven’t noticed, President Stroger has asked for a hike in the county sales tax from .75% to 2.75%. His new budget is out too and is based on the premise that the county can raise 800 million in tax hikes and fee increases. This premise may be a faulty one: with the […]

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Mark Your Calenders, It’s Time to Celebrate

October 17, 2007 will mark the first anniversary of our protected union status under Cook County ordianance and we have scheduled a celebration.The past 12 months had some great highs, and some regrettable lows. As for highs, AFSCME was successful in passing an historic county ordinance protecting our rights to unionize and collectively bargain, and […]

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Promotional Postings Back Up

In case you haven’t noticed, the promotional Grade III and Grade IV postings are back up.  Even if you slipped in an application prior to the original postings being rescinded, you must apply again, with the new posting number.

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New DUI Opinion

In a 27 page tour de force, Justice Burke for a unanimous Illinois Supreme Court found that a Frye hearing must be held prior to the admission of the results of a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test (HGN) in Illinois.  The defendant’s conviction was reversed and remanded because the question of the reliability of the HGN as […]

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