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Some Unicare/Rush Information

Council 31 is aware that Unicare is telling HMO members that they have to use non-Rush Hospital doctors because of a failure to reach a service agreement with Rush Hospital.  For your information, Unicare and Rush have a February 15th deadline for reaching an agreement, so this may still occur.  If this does not occur, past […]

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Time to Bid for Grade 2 Postings

Tired of your current job site?  If you are a grade 2 attorney, you should know that the following postings went up on 1/15/08 and will expire on 2/4/08.  Here are the locations looking for 2s and the number of openings at each location: 1st Muni       5 FTD              5 Civil              1 Mwd             1 LRD              2 JJD               […]

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Layoffs threatened as Cook County budget battle intensifies

IT MAY be a new year according to the calendar, but the same old battling over the budget is still keeping the Cook County board tied up in knots. And it’s no joking matter, as the wrangling is now threatening the jobs and livelihoods of AFSCME members. Letters sent to the union by the office […]

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2007 Salary/Wage/Union Dues Recap and Announcement

Rx You may have noticed recently that your prescriptions copays have gone up.  In the contract that we ratified in June of 2006, we negotiated a modest increase in our prescription drug benefit which went into effect on 12/1/07. The new plan now calls for copays of $7, $15, and $25 for generic, formulary and […]

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