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Union Sponsored Reception Follows MCLE on 3/7/08

As the Local did for members with last names from A-M in September of 2007, it will host a two hour cocktail reception following the second day of the mandatory MCLE at McCormick Place for members with last names N-Z. All members at the seminar will receive two drink tickets which can be redeemed for […]

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The local has uploaded a new seniority list that it received from Council 31 in Springfield last month.  Please take a look at it.  If you believe there is an error, please send an explanatory memo to Nik-ki Whitingham, who is now the personnel director, and don’t forget to forward a copy to the union.

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Only A Week Left To Solve the County’s Budget Mess

By law, the county needs to pass its budget ordinance by the 29th of February and as we have seen in recent days, they are still a vote shy of getting additonal revenue through a tax increase.Efforts were made by your local leadership to get a meeting with the Editorial Board of the Chicago Tribune so we […]

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A Warm Welcome To Our New Brothers and Sisters

The following attorneys recently began employment with our office as assistant public defenders.  Each has signed a card to become a full member of the union.  Please give them a warm welcome. They are: CHRISTOPHER J. NOLAN JENNY E.M. NILSSON WALTER JOSEPH PAZERA JENNIFER LYN VAUGHN JONATHAN SINGH BEDI

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Budget Battle Still Unclear

Here is the latest talk on the county budget as reported in the Tribune. There is still no clear answer on whether revenue increases or budget cuts will win out.  So we continue to press the Public Defender message with elected officials and others.  The Union has spoken with key County Commissioners and others in an […]

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