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May 7th County Board Meeting

To those who attended our general membership meeting this evening, this will provide a recap.  To those who missed it, stop reading unless you are a local member.  At the meeting, your entire executive board and staff representative from Council 31 were on hand to provide you with updates on the litigation in Burnette v. […]

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Union Golf Outing Rescheduled 7/24/08

Local 3315 will be having its annual golf outing on July 24, 2008 at Eaglewood in Itasca.   This was the place where we held our outing last year and were having an excellent time — until of course the tornado laden weather hit the area. This year we will be hoping for better weather.  The outing […]

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Hearing on Resolution to be Held May 7, 2008

The County Board will address the proposed resolution to remove the Public Defender on Wednesday, May 7, 2008.   All members are encouraged to take time off to attend the hearing, which will probably be scheduled for 10 am, but when it will actually be heard is another matter.  The official agenda for the meeting is […]

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Theodore Thomas wins Summer 2008 Jack Carey Scholarship

The Jack Carey Memorial Scholarship committee voted on April 8th to award the Summer 2008 Jack Carey Memorial Scholarship to Theodore Thomas.  Theodore is currently a second year student at DePaul Law School and has been clerking for Gina Pimonte and Julie Koehler of the Murder Task Force.Theodore has participated in several jury trials, numerous […]

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Center Console of a Vehicle Qualifies as a Case for Aggravated UUW Statute Exception

Per People v Diggins, 2008 Ill App. LEXIS 195, the Third District Appellate Court ruled on March 11, 2008, that  the center console of a vehicle constitutes a case for the “enclosed in a case exception” to the Aggravated UUW statute. “ Allowing drivers to hide weapons anywhere in the vehicle, so long as the […]

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Constitutionality of Consecutive Sentences at Issue Again

As a result of the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision in People v. Wagener, 196 Ill.2d 269, 752 N.E.2d 430 (2001) we thought the attempt to apply Apprendi v New Jersey, 530 U.S. 466 (2000) to consecutive sentences was dead. But maybe not!!!  On March 17, 2008 the U.S. Supreme Court granted certiorari in Oregon v. […]

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Julia Nowicki Confounded by Stroger Administration’s Failure to Hire a HR Bureau Chief

Well the compliance administrator for the Shakman SRO will appear before the County Board  today (4/9/08) and remind the county of its failure to hire a “highly qualified politically neutral individual” to the position of Chief of the Bureau of Human Resources.  Read her letter to President Stroger and the Commissioners here.

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Hearing Postponed

The union has confirmed that the notice, given by the President of the Cook County Board to Edwin Burnette regarding the proposed resolution, has been withdrawn.  A new date and time will be set and when and if it is, we will inform the membership on this blog.  DO NOT ATTEND THE MEETING ON APRIL 9, […]

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The Proposed Resolution Concerning the Removal of the Public Defender

Well, so much for relaxing following approval of the 2008 budget.  Here we go again with the political machinations of the Stroger Jr. administration.  Rumors began yesterday, April 3, 2008 and were confirmed within hours that County Board President is scheduling a hearing on April 9, 2008 before the County Board to determine whether Edwin […]

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