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Issues of Concern

As we enter into the second half of 2008, it seems like a good time to pause and address some issues of concern to the membership.  CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS In order to gear up for our next contract, I have asked Arlene Floren, a steward at CIVIL, to chair the survey committee.  She will be in […]

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JCSF Cubs Game Tickets Going Fast – Early Special Ends 6/1/08

Dear brothers and sisters, please keep in mind the limited amount of tickets available for the 9/3/08 Astros at Cubs game with a special pre-party in the upper deck.  Remember, the money we raise (above and beyond the cash laid out for tickets and party) goes to fund the three $2000 scholarships we give to […]

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Law Firms Lay Off Attorneys

The Chicago Tribune reported on May 29, 2008, that private law firms are facing attorney layoffs as a result of slow business in today’s difficult economic times.,0,7316409.story  However, there are some important differences between layoffs in the private sector and layoffs in the Public Defender Office: 1) in the private sector layoffs may mean […]

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Day Reporting Time Counts!The Illinois Supreme Court affirms the Appellate Courts’ decision in  People v Beachem, 374 Ill App 3d 145, that our clients are entitled to time credit for days spent in the sheriff’s day reporting program. (No. 104976 5/22/08). Read a pdf version of the opinion as posted on the Supreme Court Website by […]

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Minnesota PDs Facing Familiar Budget Problems

We are not the only Public Defender office in the country to have to fight for our jobs and adequate numbers of attorneys to represent the thousands of indigent clients in need.  Public Defenders in Minnesota are now facing the same budget issues we have faced the last several years:  We can only hope […]

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“Redlined” Version of Current Contract

We have been patiently waiting for the County to provide us with copies of our current collective bargaining agreement so we can distribute it to the membership.  The contract was ratified in June of 2006 and expires in November of this year.  But the language regarding contract printing in the signed contract doesn’t have any teeth: Section […]

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The Complaint filed by AFSCME Council 31

Here is the text of the complaint filed by Council 31 in the Burnette v. Stroger matter: IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS COUNTY DEPARTMENT, CHANCERY DIVISION THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF STATE, COUNTY AND MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES, COUNCIL 31 vs. TODD STROGER COMPLAINT       Plaintiff complains against Defendant as follows: 1. The […]

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Rumors of his Demise Greatly Exaggerated

The hearing on the proposed resolution to remove Ed Burnette has been cancelled.  Upon information and belief, attorneys representing Ed Burnette have reached an agreement with attorneys for President Todd Stroger to resolve their differences in court through the pending litigation in Burnette v. Stroger.NO HEARING ON THE RESOLUTION WILL BE HEARD ON 5/20/08 SO […]

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Daily Herald Wants Open Hearing on Removal Resolution.

As printed in the May 17, 2008 edition of the Daily Herald:  Let public in on public defender hearing Few people, even the most ardent advocates of open government, would argue that personnel evaluations ought generally to be conducted in open public meetings. But there are times …Take the case of Cook County Public Defender […]

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Removal Resoultion to be Heard May 20th

The hearing on whether to terminate the employment of Edwin Burnette, Public Defender of Cook County is now set for next week on the 20th.  As mentioned before, members are encouraged to attend the hearing but should put in for appropriate time off in advance of the date.  It has been suggested that the proceedings […]

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