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A discovery leads to questions about whether the odds of people sharing genetic profiles are sometimes higher than portrayed.

Well this article from the LA Times seems to be the talk of the criminal defense community.  Read the article here.

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Defendant’s Right to be Present Violated

In a 2-1 decision by our Appellate Court in People v McLaurin, 2008 Ill. App. LEXIS 426, the court reversed Mr McLaurin’s  conviction when he was excluded from discussions among the lawyers and judge about  five jury notes and when the trial court directed the sheriff to have an ex-parte discussion with the jurors by telling them to […]

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State of the Union, Summer Style

Recently, in my post regarding issues of concern, I told you that we would be distributing a survey to the membership in order to discern the issues that were most important.  That survey has been completed and the survey chair, Arlene Floren, is in the process of analyzing the results.   As to retros and the […]

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