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Burnette Victorious in Suit Against Stroger

The appellate court issued a 32-page opinion, according to today’s (3/30/09) Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, written by Justice Robert E. Gordon that holds ” (1) The public defender is an entity capable of bringing suit; (2) Burnette had standing to contest Stroger’s actions; (3) Stroger lacked authority to impose unpaid furlough days on designated member’s of […]

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“Postcards to Todd” Still Being Collected

We have collected most of the “Postcards to Todd” from our members but are still awaiting a few cards. If you didn’t get a card, please call Local 3315 Secretary Amy Thompson at 26th Street (6989). If you still have your card, sign it and send it in to Amy as soon as you can. […]

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PDs Win …Judge Terrell Loses

In a unanimous decision from the Illinois Supreme Court,  the Court, exercising its supervisory powers, ruled that J Terrell, and by implication all other judges, may not pick and choose which public defender is assigned to which defendant.  Writing for the court, Justice Garman states:   We conclude that because assistant public defenders serve at the […]

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Help End Death Penalty in N.M.

New Mexico is on the verge of abolishing the death penalty. The bill has passed the House and Senate, and is now on Gov. Bill Richardson’s desk. He has until Wednesday at midnight to either veto or sign abolition into law, and he’s requested to hear public opinion on the issue as he considers his […]

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March Update

I want to update the membership on a few topics.  The Cook County Jail  Correctional Officers are having elections on MARCH 17 and MARCH 19 to decide which labor union will be representing them.  If they vote for AFSCME, they will help keep AFSCME the largest union representing  Cook County workers.  That strength in numbers (3000 additional […]

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Inspiring Public Defender News Stories From across the Nation

Here’s a link to a story about Jeffery Adachi, the  Public Defender of San Fransiscso who recently took on the Mayor, in his own way, after he was stiffed on money to hire additional attorneys to staff new courtrooms to handle minor cases – predominately homeless folks. And here is a story about the head […]

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In a crisp opinion delivered by Justice Ginsburg, joined by six other Justices, the Court held on 3/9/09, that delay caused by appointed counsel’s requests for continuances, over her client’s objections, are not attributable to the State for speedy trial purposes. “Once a lawyer has undertaken the representation of an accused, the duties and obligations are the same whether […]

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The Union Needs You!

Union Stewards are needed at several work sites throughout the office.  The sites with the greatest need are Maywood, Bridgeview and 1st Municipal.  If you are able to donate your time and a little effort you may find it to be a rewarding experience.  Training is provided and your participation is greatly appreciated.  If you […]

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Ed Burnette’s Term to End March 31, 2009

Todd Stroger, President of the Cook County Board, nominated Judge A. C. Cunningham of the Law Division, to replace Edwin Burnette as Public Defender of Cook County.  The Cook County Commissioners will vote on the nomination at either the March 17th or April 1st meeting of the County Board.   The Executive Board will continue to update […]

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