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Retardation and Miranda

Despite conflicting expert opinions on the issue of defendant’s ability to understand and waive her Miranda rights that the trial court resolved in favor of the State, our Appellate Court supresses defendant’s videotape statement and remands for a new trial in a tour de force opinion authored by Justice Gordon in People v Jeanette Daniels. (No. 1-06-3514  5/15/09)  […]

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It’s My Money and I Want It Now!

1%:  It’s my money and I want it now! Yes, we won the arbitration.  No, the County is not appealing the ruling of the arbitrator.  But when are we going to see the money?   Good question.  I can tell you that last week, Council 31 approved the revised pay grid that was sent by […]

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Unofficial Election Results

Here are the unofficial results from our Local election held on May 5, 2009: Executive – at- Large (3) Bruce Mosbacher 214 Monique Patterson 198 Joe Gump 183 Tom Stovall 150 Richard Porter 81 Trustee (3) Kevin Ochalla 177 Beatriz Santiago 169 Paul Bellinder 163 Robyn Haynes 150 Arleen Floren 135 Thanks to all the […]

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Election Results Anticipated SOON

Sisters and Brothers: A number of you have contacted various local officers asking about election results.  Please be patient, our diligent and meticulous election chair, Christa Petty,  is conscientiously attempting to gather and tabulate the results from the various work sites.  As soon as we have the information, it will be made available to all. […]

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1 Case of Swine Flu Confirmed at CCDOC

It was reported on May 6, 2009 in the Chicago Sun Times that an inmate in Division 5 was being treated for a confirmed case of the swine flu.  More information regarding the H1N1 (Swine Flu) is available from the Centers for Disease Control.

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Motion to Withdraw on Cole Denied

Judge Murphy denied the motion to withdraw from the Tony Cole VOOP case.  Read the Sun Times article.

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