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  On October 13, 2009, the Supreme Court of the United States will hear argument in a case of interest to all of our members regarding advice to non citizens about the immigration consequences of a plea in a criminal case. Click this link for a detailed discussion of the facts and issues in Padilla v Kentucky. Read the […]

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Bernard Sarley Elected Associate Judge

On behalf of the members of AFSCME Local 3315, the Cook County Public Defenders Association, I want to congratulate one of our own, Assistant Public Defender Bernard Sarley (HTF) on being elected Associate Judge by the Judges of the Circuit Court of Cook County.  Bernie, as we call him, has had over three decades of […]

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“61 Days” Just Got Shortened. . . to 14.

In the past, if one of our clients was sentenced to the Illinios Department of Corrections (IDOC), they would have to wait 61 days to get any good time credit applied to their sentence. No more!  As of August 30th, 2009, good time credit will now come through in about two weeks.  As a result of this change […]

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Martell Clark was stopped by Chicago Police for a minor traffic violation. Asked for his driver’s license, he produced a ticket and an insurance card. The officer took Martell from the car and placed him in the police car for transport to the station per Chicago police procedure when no license is produced. An “inventory […]

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In a lengthy and scholarly opinion delivered by Justice Toomin, the trial court’s ruling (Judge Linn) suppressing cocaine found during a warrantless search of a car is affirmed. The opinion, People v. Rolando Estrada, 1-08-2909 (8/28/09) which reviews the basic doctrines of Terry searches, searches incident to arrests, and the basics of the exclusionary rule, provides a nice review of […]

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Labor Day Greetings

Brothers and Sisters: On behalf of the Executive Board of Local 3315, I want to wish you all a Happy Labor Day and suggest that if you have no plans for Labor Day, that you consider attending the Labor Day Rally at the Historic Pullman Works.   Whatever you do, please have a safe holiday. Negotiations: […]

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2009 Jack Carey Scholarship Fundraiser

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