Thanksgiving Message

As the Thanksgiving Holiday approaches, let’s consider some things we should be thankful for as members of Local 3315, the Cook County Public Defenders Association.

First, even though our collective bargaining agreement (CBA) was set to expire on November 30, 2008, we are still governed by the terms and conditions of all of its provisions including benefits and wages. (See, Article XVIII, Section 18.1). The benefit package remains the same even though we are still in negotiations with the County and a federal mediator who is helping us hammer out an agreement we can recommend for ratification by our members. We should not take for granted provisions in our contract that allow members to bid from one location to another. Other agencies that employ non-unionized attorneys subject them to indignities such as vindictive transfers from one work location to another while some have resorted to the use of furlough days that result in a diminution of salaries – a classic case of balancing budgets on the backs of the work force . So even though it will probably take more than a year to negotiate the next contract, we will still have the benefits of an excellent CBA in the interim.

Second, we should be thankful that we have sufficient financial and human resources to host three social events each year, including the upcoming Holiday party on December 11, 2009 – – undoubtedly the hottest event of the holiday season. Four of our sisters, Mellissa Myer, Sara Spivy, Sarah Fransene and Kyan Keenan have been working hard at making your experience at the upcoming party even better than before, without spending more.  On behalf of the Local, I thank them in advance for their volunteerism.

Third, we should be thankful that both Cook County Circuit Court Judges and the Illinois Supreme Court have recognized that our office has some of the most talented and experienced attorneys from whose ranks they can select fine jurists. In addition, we are thankful that more and more of our members are choosing to run as candidates in many judicial races. Names of our brothers and sisters who are running in these races, and certainly seeking your support, will be mentioned in a future President’s message.


1) The Illinois Labor History Society will be having their Annual Union Hall of Honor Awards event on 11/22/09 at the Chicago History Museum from 5:30-9:00 pm. The evening features a concert in the Rubloff Auditorium hosted by Dick Kay. The program is a tribute to the Chicago Federation of Musicians and their leader, James Petrillo.

2) We have been given approval by the Chief Financial Officer, Nancy Ahl, to omit our social security numbers from our transportation reimbursement forms. You do need, however, to put our employee I.D.  number on the form.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

In solidarity,

K. S. Galhotra

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    Good article, Each and every point is good enough.Thanks for sharing with us your wisdom.Thanksgiving wishes for you and your family.May your life be blessed with joy, love and miracles.

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