Yelling “Dro, Dro” at a drug spot not probable cause.

This slip opinion just came out and finds that standing at a drug spot and yelling “dro, dro” is not enough as a matter of law to establish probable cause that the underlying city ordinance banning the solicitation of unlawful business is being violated.  Read the opinion, here,  The case is People v. Ronnie Grant and the opinion is authored by Justice Rudolfo Garcia.  With Justice Gordon dissenting, a petition for leave to appeal seems likely.


UPDATE:  PLA was granted by the Illinois Supreme Court so stay tuned.

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  • Dan Walsh

    but see People v. Neal, No. 1-09-2814, June 29, 2011 (3rd Division), making a petition for leave to appeal even more likely in the Grant case.

  • Local 3315

    Thanks for helping keep us up-to-date on the law, Dan. With a split among the divisions, and dissents on each panel, Grant and Neal are surely headed to the Illinois Supreme Court.

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