Melissa Delgado Wins Jack Carey Memorial Scholarship for Spring 2013

The Jack Carey Memorial Scholarship Committee recently announced Melissa Delgado as the winner for the Spring semester of 2013.  Melissa, a third year student at Loyola University School of Law, has been clerking for Amy Thompson and Cindy Brown in the Homicide Task Force since the Spring 2012 semester.  In 2011 she clerked with the assistant public defenders at the Bridgeview Courthouse, primarily Camille Bachli.

Amy Thompson said “Melissa is always looking for more work and takes on work from all the attorneys that ask her.  She is great with the clients and their families.  Melissa , or Mel as we call her, is also very active at Loyola Law School and attended the innocence conference in Kansas City.  She is dedicated to our clients and our work.  She is eager and talented and is a great representative of the Jack Carey Scholarship.”

Three $2500 scholarships are awarded each year to law clerks at the Cook County public defender.  Mel is the winner of the 31st Jack Carey Memorial Scholarship.

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