Candidate Colleen Gorman

My name is Colleen Gorman, and I am running for the position of Executive at Large. Currently, I am assigned to the felony trial division at 26th and California.  My preceding assignments include child protection and misdemeanor court.

Prior to being hired by the Public Defender’s Office, I began my career as an attorney for the Speaker of the House in Springfield, drafting bills and shepherding them through the legislative process. The negotiating skills I acquired through this experience provide me with a solid background for working with management and the County Board.

When I started at our Office, over 6 years ago, I immediately became active in our Union and trained as a Steward within my first few months.  I have had continued participation with the union throughout my career.

I believe it is important for new and different people to work in leadership positions in order to bring fresh perspectives into our office. I believe that I can bring new, creative “outside the box” ideas that will further strengthen our Union and Office.

If elected, I will work to continue to improve the transparency of the union’s work on behalf of its members.  I will be a resource for members to come to for help finding answers on issues such as leaves of absence, union benefits, grievance policy and others.  I will have an open door policy and if I don’t know the answer I will find it.

Please vote for Colleen Gorman for Executive at Large!!


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